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On that day , in my heart, a castle rose,
a mansion fell apart

hotelwaffles replied to your post “hotelwaffles replied to your post “Megan” “never having to have other…”

I’m just like imagining like having a sleepover with you two and it would be probably the best

Sleep overs with us are pretty awesome. Megan falls asleep/gets up and leaves to go to bed in the middle of the first movie but I can watch movies all night! Weirdly enough Megan would stay up if we didn’t put a movie on. She gets loopy at night which is pretty fun.

We also always have good snacks. :)



The Tiny Project : design plans in PDF and SketchUp available | photo book with almost 200 pictures for under 10 USD and other new items.



Chirpy little beings.Because birds do it, bees do it.Even educated flees do it.Lets fall in love.If you like this ‘please’ have a look at my other blog once.http://jagritikhirwar.blogspot.in/
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Chirpy little beings.
Because birds do it, bees do it.
Even educated flees do it.
Lets fall in love.

If you like this ‘please’ have a look at my other blog once.

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hotelwaffles replied to your post “Megan”

"never having to have other friends" you wouldn’t have to, but you would want to, right???? at least me… hehe

well of course, Madi. You would have a standing invitation at our place, if you didn’t just live with us. haha


I watched this the other day and cried hard for the lost bookshop I grew up in.

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Megan pt. 3

I request one of him in that button up. Dang.

Also if I had known you would be so into Dirty Dancing we would have watched it years ago.

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